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CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW - 19th November 2023





Barbara Thornley

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Diane Bartholomew

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DCC&BIS Ch Lavika Deep Blue Ocean
BCC, RBIS & BOSLavika Lagoona Blue of Macstanryn
RBCC, Shadowess True Blue
Lavika Moonlight Storm JW

BPB & BPIS Pathaaron Fair Isle

BPDMagic Mike with Molson
BVB Lorainian Celtic Star
Ch Lafitte de Moorstile chez Shelridge (Imp Fra) JW

photos with thanks to Jayne Clegram-Chapman (except classes 1,10,12,13,15 &26 supplied by owners)


Best In Show Line-up:






Dog Line-up:






Bitch Line-up:





Dogs Bitches

Class 1 Veteran- 8


1. Ch Laffitte de Moorstile chez Shelridge (imp Fr) JW (BVD)

2.CH/AusCH Hartly How about me for Molson (Imp Aus)

3. CH. Stanydale Shot in the Dark

4. Tachnamadra He's Got the Look

5. Kyleburn Everlasting Dream


Class 14 Veteran - 10



1.Lorainian Celtic Star (BVB)

2.Smiddyshaw I'll be there for You JW

3.Ch. Lavika Black Beauty JW

4.Tachnamadra New Look

5.Sandwick Prima Donna


Class 2 Minor Puppy- 8




1. Keycharm Music Man of Milesend

2. Smiddyshaw Here I go again

3.Sheltysham Danseur TAF

4. Seavall Blue Ensign

5. Shelridge Quizmaster at Chelmermead



Class 15 Minor Puppy -7


1Lavika Sunset Rose

2. Skeldale Wish Upon a Star over Lindfern

3.Smiddyshaw All the Glitz

4.Sabema Mayfly at Ferngrove.

5. Wavesong Born to be Wild


Class 3 Puppy - 4



1.Sheltysham Danseur TAF

2.Stanydale Ocean Wave

3.Wavesong Born to be Noisy

Class 16 Puppy -7


1Pathaaron Fair Isle(BPB)

2. Milesend Silver Chimes

3.Mad about You with Molson

4. Milesend Silver Moth

5.Dippersmoor In Dreams.

Class 4 Junior- 4


1.Hillhenry in your Honour

2.Shenachie Secretariat

Class 17 Junior - 10


1.Milesend Shadow Dancer

2.Valdosta Galadriel at Faemadra JW

3. Molson More about me at Cocaro

4.Evad Halloween Spice

5.Sandwick Valentina


Class 5 Yearling-1




1.Ferngroves Valentino JW

Class 18 Yearling -1



Alnmac Busy Being Fabulous

Class 6 Novice -4


1.Magic Mike with Molsom(BPD)

2. Shenachie Secretariat

3. Wavesong Born to be Noisy

4. Felthorn Christmas Gift


Class 19 Novice -7


1.Skeldale Wish Upon a Star over Lindfern (Imp Nld)

2.Pepperhill Light 'n Shade

Class 7 Graduate -8


1.Mosardi Don't Stop

2.Shelridge Santino

3. Mitchfields Dizzee Rascal at Stanydale

4.Sendora Sweet Bramble

5.Kyleburn Mithras


Class 20 Graduate -6


1.Shougies in the Mood at Drakeshyde

2. Shelcrest Night Sky

3.Mohnesee Queen of Diamonds at Lizmark

4.Sendora to be Special

Class 8 Post Graduate -7


1. Shougies Secret Agent for Fernhill

2.Milesend Kingfisher

3.Afterglow Sky Miles to Bordercot

4.Dippersmoor Daquiri at Sonspirit

5. Sandwick Song Writer



Class 21 Post Graduate - 11


1.Mosardi Forget me not

2. Milesend Moondancer

3.Pepperhill Jive Talking at Calambray

4.Wansvale Beyond Belief

5. Tachnamadra Button Moon at Fernfrey

Class 9 Limit -12


1Sandwick Road Runner

2.Pathaaron After the Storm

3. Lowick Blueberry

4. Shelridge Sirius


Class 22 Limit -5

1 Seavall Taran

2. Kayla Kiss ze Shetlandu by Zaniah (Imp Cze)

3.Alnmac Killer Queen

4. Sandwick Showgirl






Class 10 Open - 3


1Lundecocks Theodor (Imp Swe)

2. Mohnesee Dream Date of Lizmark

3.Lorainian Kings Ransom at Lindfern

Class 23 Open -4


1. Molson Miss Congeniality for Stormraven

2. Molson Movie Star

3.Sandwick Stage Show

4. Evad Halloween Spice

5. Sheltysham Idyll.

Class 11 Special Open (Sable/White) -2


1.Lorainian Kings Ransom at Lindfern

Class 24 Special Open (Sable/White) -4

1. Lorainian Star Light Wonder

2. Kyleburn Sibylla at Shelridge




Class 12 Special Open (Tricolour B/W) -8


1.Lavika Moonlight Storm (RCC)

2.Sandwick Style Council

3.Zaniah Mono Tone of Drumcauchlie

4. Kyleburn Romulus

5.Sendora Sweet Bramble

Class 25 Special Open (Tricolour B/W) -4


1.Esterbon Bi Storm to Zaniah

2. Shelcrest Night Sky

3.Sendora to be Slecial

Class 13 Special Open (Blue Merle) -4



1.Ch. Lavika Deep Blue Ocean (CC)

2. Milesend Blue Jeans

3.Shelridge Toastmaster at Chelmermead

Class 26 Special Open (Blue Merle) -5


1Ch. Lavika Lagoona Blue of MacStanryn (CC)

2. Shadowess True Blue (RCC)

3.Mohnesee Queen of Diamonds of Lizmark.

























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