open show 1st August 2021


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OPEN SHOW -1st August 2021


JUDGE Stella Clarke click for critique




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Dogs Bitches

Class 1 Veteran(2-1a)

1. Briggsview Gambling Man.(BVD & BVIS)


Class 13 Veteran(5,1a)

1.Briggsview Opalesque (BVB)
2.Sendora Waltxtime

3.Stardust Girl at Cearthall

4.Lirren Blue Gamble at Donbeley


Class 2 Minor Puppy-1

1. Sendora Sweet Bramble

Class 14 Minor Puppy(1, 1a)


Class 3 Puppy - (3)

1. Milesend Kingfisher (BPD)
2. Padawan Mandalorian
3. Sendora Sweet Bramble


Class 15 Puppy (2)

1.Lizmark Lullaby Moon over Mohnesee (BPB &BPIS) (photo taken at NWAPB)

2.Milesend Goldspun


Class4 Junior-(4, 1a)

1.Mohnesee Mr Bobbie Black (BD, RBIS & BOS) (photo taken at Leeds)
2.Tasiti Cody avec Fleurdemai

3.Sabema Pina Colada


Class 16 Junior(3, 1a)

1.Tasiti Sweet but Psycho
2.Sandyvalley Heart of Gold

Class 5 Novice-(5)

1.Mohnesee Mr Bobbie Black (BD, RBIS &BOS) (photo taken at Leeds)
2. Borderpride Viva Las Vegas at Lodurr

3 Padawan Mandalorian

4. Marsulla Propoganda

5 Kyleburn Orpheus

Class 17 Novice(8)

1. Lizmark Lullaby Moon over Mohnesee (BPB &BPIS) (photo taken at NWAPB)

2. Myter Made of Magic.

3. Fenstyle Summer Breeze.

4. Sheltysham Medley of Gold AW(S)R6 Ex

5.Tasili Sweet but Psycho


Class 6 Undergraduate (3, 1a)

1.Felthorn Cover Story
2.Padawan Mandalorian


Class 18 Undergraduate (4)

1.Shelcrest Night Sky (RBB)
2.Mohnesee Queen Of Diamonds of Lizmark
3.Myter Made of Magic

4.Oakcroft Aurora Dream at Donbeley

Class7 Post Graduate (1, 1a)



Class 19 Post Graduate(3, 1a) 

1.Neraklee Naomi at Stanydale

2. Clanavon Love in a Mist

Class 8 Limit (4,2a)

1.Mohnesee Dream Date of Lizmark (RBD)

2. Ruscombe a Moment in Time

Class 20 Limit(3, 1a)

1.Mitchfields Fashion Girl at Felthorn (BB&BIS) (photo courtesy of Lana)

2. Sendora Songbird


Class 9 Open(1)

1. Milesend Blue Raider at Lowick

Class 21 Open(2, 1a)

1.Milesend Megan


Class 10 Special Open (Sable/White)(1)

1.Sabema Pina Colada


Class 22 Special Open (Sable/White)(5, 2a)

1.Stanydale Luck be a Lady

2. Sheltysham Medley of Gold AW(S) R6 Ex

3.Tasili Sweet but Psycho


Class 11 Special Open (Tricolour B/W)(3)

1.Ch. Stanydale Shot in the Dark JW
2.Borderpride Viva Las Vegas at Lodurr

3.Marsulla Propoganda

Class 23 Special Open (Tricolour B/W)(2)

1.Shelcrest Night Sky (RBB)

2. Sendora waltztime


Class 12 Special Open (Blue Merle)(0)


Class 24 Special Open (Blue Merle)(5, 1a)

1.Myter Made of Magic

2.Sendora Songbird

3. Stardust Girl at Cearthall

4. Lirren Moonstone




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