open show 27th March 2022


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OPEN SHOW -27th March 2022


JUDGEJane Margetts(Collingvale)click for critique



photos thanks to Hayley Howatt

Best in Show Line up


BPB & BOS Puppy Lirren Lasting Love

BPIS Lowick Blueberry

BB &BIS Mohnesee Enchanted

RBB BVB RBIS BVIS Lindfern Bee Enchanted JW



Dog Line up


RBD Mohnesee's Dream Date at Lizmark

BD & BOS Lorrainian Kings Ransom at Lindfern

BPD & BPIS Lowick Blueberry

BVD Kyleburn Everlasting Love



Bitch Line up


RBB lindfern Be Enchanted

BB & BIS Mohnesee Enchanted

BPB & BOSP Lirren Lasting Love


Dogs Bitches

Class 1 Veteran -4

1. Pattinson's Kyleburn Everlasting Dream
2.Forster-Cooper's Sheltysham Burnished Gold
3. Saunders Chalmoor Shades of Gold at Fernfrey

4. Varnoms Milesend Sea Captain


Class 13 Veteran - 8, 4a

1. French's Lindfern Enchanted Sunrise
2. Saunders' Chalmoor I'm a Peach at Fernfrey
3. Hoare's Briggsview Opalesque

4. Kennedy's Lirren Blue Gamble at Donbeley

Class 2 Minor Puppy - 4, 1a

1.Miles' Milesend Black Tartan
2.Thornley's Felthorn Barnaby Rudge
3.French's Lirren Dark Star


Class 14 Minor Puppy - 5, 1a

1. Lirren Lasting Love(BPB & BOSPuppy)
2. Miles' Milesend Gold Blend
3.Aaron's Sendora to be sensational

4. Sendall's Sendora to be special


Class 3 Puppy -2

1. Forster-Parrish Lowick Blueberry(BPIS)
2.Aaron & Durant's Shelridge Santino at Neraklee


Class 15 Puppy - 4, 2a

1.Forster-Cooper's Sheltysham Merry Maid
2. Saunders'Tachnamadra Button Moon at Fernfrey


Class4 Junior - 4, 1a

1.Dimmock's Shougies Secret Agent for Fernhill
2.Rhodes Felthorn Christmas Gift

3.Saunders Sendora Sweet Bramble



Class 16 Junior -1, 1a

Class 5 Novice -3,

1.AAron & Durant's Shelridge Santiano at Neraklee
2.Cheal's Carolelen Composer

3.Saunders'Marsula Propoganda

Class 17 Novice -5, 2a

1.Forster-Cooper's Sheltysham Idyll
2.Miles' Milesend Gold Spun

3. Cheal's Carolelen Call my Bluff


Class 6 Undergraduate - 5, 1a

1.Cheal's Carolelen Composer
2. Miles'Milesend Kingfisher
3. Hoare's Sabema Pina Colada
4. Varnom Milesend Morning Time

Class 18 Undergraduate -4

1.Miles' Milesend Moondancer
2. Fransham's Shecrest Night Sky
3. Kennedy's Oakcroft Aurora Dream at Donbeley

4. Cheal's Carolelen Call my Bluff

Class7 Post Graduate -8, 3a

1. Varnom's Milesend Blue Jeans
2. Pattinson's Kyleburn Hidden Dream
3.Hateley's Mohnesee Mr Bobbie Black JW
4. Bastion & John's Lirren Showtime joins Auberswell

5. Withers' Mitchfields Dizzee Rascal at Stanydale


Class 19 Post Graduate - 7 (2a)

1. Hateley's Mohnesee Enchanted (BB & BIS)

2.rennison's Kayla Kiss ze Shetlandu by Zaniah (Cze imp)

3. Withers'Neraklee Naomi at Stanydale

4. Forster-Parrish's Lowick Mistletoe

5. Kennedy's Oakcroft Aurora dream at Donbeley

Class 8 Limit - 4

1. French's Lorainian Kings Ransom at Lindfern (BOS)

2. Hull's Mohnesee Dream Date of Lizmark JW

3. Sangster & Rennison's Zaniah Mono Tone of Drumcauchlie

4. Robinson's Alnmac Midnight Flyer

Class 20 Limit - 4, 2a

1. French's Lindfern Be Enchanted JW(RBB; BVB; RBIS & BVIS)

2.Forster-Cooper's Sheltysham Midnight Lady


Class 9 Open - 1


1. Robinson's Sheltysham Nutbox in Alnmac

Class 21 Open - 4, 2a

1. Thornley's Mitchfields Fashion Girl at Felthorn

2. Rennison's Esterbon Bi Storm to Zaniah


Class 10 Special Open (Sable/White) - 7, 2a

1. French's Lindfern Light Sabre JW

2.Bastion & John's Auberswell Ghost Rider

3.Cheal's Carolelen Composer

4.Hoare's Sabena Pina Colada

5. Varnom's Milesend Morning Time


Class 22 Special Open (Sable/White) - 4, 2a

1.Cheal's Carolelen Call my Bluff

2. Miles' Eljetia Hot Chocolate of Milesend


Class 11 Special Open (Tricolour B/W) -5, 1a

1. Thornley & Withers' Felthorn Cover Story
2. Saunders'Sendora Sweet Bramble

3. Pattinson's Kyleburn Romulus

4. Saunders' Marsula Propoganda

Class 23 Special Open (Tricolour B/W) - 2

1. Thornley & Wither's Mitchfields Cover Girl at Felthorn

2. Fransham's Shelcrest Night Sky


Class 12 Special Open (Blue Merle) - 1


1. Rhodes' Felthorn Christmas Gift

Class 24 Special Open (Blue Merle) - 4, 3a

1. Hoare's Briggsview Opalesque




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