open show 30th July 2023


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OPEN SHOW -30th July 2023


JUDGE Jackie Cutler(Lankeela) click for critique


photos thanks to Hayley Howatt


Best in Show Line up




BIS Kyleburn Sibylla at Shelridge

RBIS Valdosta Goddess

BVIS Sheltysham Bedazzled at Franmead

BPIS Willowgarth Unlimited Love

BOS Shemist Summertime Blues



Dog Line up




BD & BOS Shemist Summertime Blues

RBD Lirren Quickstep to Oakcroft JW

BPD Willowgarth Unlimited Love

BVD Sheltysham Burnished Gold




Bitch Line up



BB & BIS Kyleburn Sibylla at Shelridge

RBB& RBIS Valdosta Goddess

BPB Evad halloween Spice

BVB& BVIS Sheltysham Bedazzled at Franmead


Dogs Bitches

Class 1 Veteran -3, 1a


1.Sheltysham Burnished Gold

2. Kyleburn Everlasting Dream


Class 13 Veteran -2


1. Sheltysham Bedazzle at Franmead

2. Briggsview Opalesque

Class 2 Minor Puppy no entries




Class 14 Minor Puppy - no entries



Class 3 Puppy - 1


1.Willowgarth Unlimited Love


Class 15 Puppy -3


1.Evad Halloween Spice

2.MacStanryn Back to Black at Mountmoor

3,Ferngroves Skylark

Class4 Junior - 3


1.Shemist Summertime Blues

2.Ferngrove Valentino JW

3.Valdosta Gracelands


Class 16 Junior - 3


1.Valdosta Goddess

2. Valdosta Galadriel at Faemadra

3. Alnmac Busy being Fabulous.

Class 5 Novice -2,


1. Valdosta Gracelands

2. Felthorn Christmas Gift

Class 17 Novice -3

1.Valdosta Goddess
2.Rossmere Isolabella

3.Valdosta Galadriel at Faemadra



Class 6 Undergraduate - 3, 1a


1.Milesend Silver Thorn

2. Sendora Sweet Bramble

Class 18 Undergraduate -4,1a

1.Rossmere Isolabella

2.Valdosta Galadriel at Faemadra

3.Sendora to be Special

Class7 Post Graduate -4


1. Marsulla Propoganda

2. Shougies Secret Agent for Fernhill

3.Carolelen Composer at Faemadra

4.Borderpride Viva Las Vegas at Lodurr



Class 19 Post Graduate -4,1a


1.Evad Golden Gem

2.Anchor's surprise Blackberry way for Torinska (imp Che)

3.Tachnamadra Button Moon at Fernfrey

Class 8 Limit -3, 1a


1. Kyleburn Hidden Dream

2.Sabema Pina Colada

Class 20 Limit -5


1.Kyleburn sibylla at Shelridge

2.Evad Halloween Queen

3.Sheltysham Idyll

4. Mohnesee Queen of Diamonds of Lizmark

5.Shelridge Sancerre at Rossmere



Class 9 Open - 2


1.Lirren Quickstep to Oakcroft JW

2. Mohnesee Dream Date of Lizmark


Class 21 Open -3,1a


1.Sendora Songbird

2.Carolelen Call my Bluff


Class 10 Special Open (Sable/White) - 3, 1a


1 Valdosta Gracelands.

2.Sabema Pina Colada .


Class 22 Special Open (Sable/White) -4 


1.Kyleburn Sibylla at Shelridge

2.Valdosta Goddess

3.Anchor's Surprise Orisa for Torinska (Imp Che)

4. Shelridge Sancerre at Rossmere


Class 11 Special Open (Tricolour B/W) -6,1a


1.Felthorn Cover Story

2.Marsulla Propoganda

3.Kyleburn Romulus

4.Sendora Sweet bramble

5. Borderpride Viva Las Vegas at Lodurr

Class 23 Special Open (Tricolour B/W) -4, 1a


1.Sendora to be Special

2 Tachnamadra Button Moon at Fernfrey

3 Alnmac busy being Fabulous



Class 12 Special Open (Blue Merle) - 3


1.Shemist Sea Dragon

2. Felthorn Christmas Gift

3. Shelridge Toastmaster at Chelmermead

Class 24 Special Open (Blue Merle) -3 


1.Sendora Songbird

2.Mohnesee Queen of Diamonds of Lizmark

3.Briggsview Opalesque




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