open show 31st July 2022


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OPEN SHOW -31st July 2022


JUDGE David Rule (Blaetarn))click for critique


photos thanks to Hayley Howatt


Best in Show Line up


BVIS Chalmoor I'm a Peach at Fernfrey

BIS Neraklee Naomi at Stanydale

RBIS & BOS Felthorn Cover Story

BPIS Lirren Quickstep to Oakcroft



Dog Line up

BVD Chalmoor Shades of Gold at Fernfrey

BD Felthorn Cover Story

RBD Zania Monotone of Drumcauchlie

BPD Lirren Quickstep to Oakcroft



Bitch Line up

BVB Chalmoor I'm a Peach at Fernfrey

BB & BIS Neraklee Naomi at Stanydale

RBB Sedora Songbird

BPB Oakcroft Simply Starstruck at Savendie


Dogs Bitches

Class 1 Veteran -1

1.Chalmoor Shades of Gold at Fernfrey


Class 13 Veteran - 1

1. Chalmoor I'm a Peach at Fernfrey (BVIS)

Class 2 Minor Puppy - 2, 1a

1.Torinska Sky full of Song


Class 14 Minor Puppy - 2

1. Oakcroft Simply Starstruck at Savendie(BOSP)
2. Milesend Holly Berry


Class 3 Puppy - 4 1a

1. Lirren Quickstep to Oakcroft (BPIS)
2.Torinska Sky full of Song

3. Mosardi Don't Stop


Class 15 Puppy -3, 2a

1.Sabema Glitter in the Air

Class4 Junior - 4

1.Shelridge Santino at Neraklee
2.Lirren Quickstep to Oakcroft

3.Felthorn Barnaby Rudge

4. Dippersmoor Daquiri at Sonspirit


Class 16 Junior - 6, 1a

1.Sendora to be Special
2.Tachnamadra Button Moon at Fernfrey

3.Oakcroft Cosmic Flower

4.Oakcroft Cosmic Aura

5. Saxonoak on the Beach

Class 5 Novice -2,

1.Carolelen Compose
2.Sendora Sweet Bramble

Class 17 Novice - 9, 1a

1.Mosardi Forget me Notl
2.Startoonie Winter Rose

3. Oakcroft Simply Starstruck at Savendie

4. Rossmere Isolabella

5. Valdosta Enable


Class 6 Undergraduate - 1

1.Sendora Sweet Bramble

Class 18 Undergraduate -4

1.Carolelan Call my Bluff
2. Myter Made of Magic
3. Shelcrest Night Sky

4. Tachnamadra Button Moon at Fernfrey

Class7 Post Graduate -3

1. Felthorn Cover Story (RBIS & BOS)
2. Kyleburn Hidden Dream
3.Wansvale Amiable


Class 19 Post Graduate - 3 (1a)

1. Shelridge Sancerre at Rossmere

2.Myter Made of Magic

Class 8 Limit - no entries

Class 20 Limit - 2,

1. Aleandr Honey Fay of Milesend (Imp Rus)

2.Kyleburn Sibylla at Shelridge


Class 9 Open - 2


1. Mohnesee Dream Date of Lizmark

2. .Wansvale Amiable

Class 21 Open - 3, 1a

1. Sendora Songbird (RBB)

2. Siena Fra Wanaheim


Class 10 Special Open (Sable/White) - 4, 1a

1. .Wansvale Amiable

2.Dippersmoor Daquiri at Sonspirit

3.Torinska River Romeo for Shetlo


Class 22 Special Open (Sable/White) - 2,

1.Kyleburn Sibylla at Shelridge

2. Startoonie Winter Rose


Class 11 Special Open (Tricolour B/W) -4,

1. Zania Monotone of Drumcauchile
2. Felthorn Barnaby Rudge

3. Sendora sweet Bramble

4. Kyleburn Romulus

Class 23 Special Open (Tricolour B/W) - 3, 1a

1. Neraklee Naomi at Stanydale (BIS)

2. Sheltysham Bedazzle at Franmead JW


Class 12 Special Open (Blue Merle) - 2 1a


1.Shelridge Toastmaster

Class 24 Special Open (Blue Merle) - 4,

1. Sendora Songbird

2. Kayla Kiss ze Shetlandu by Zaniah (cze imp)

3.Myter Made of Magic

4.Mosardi Forget me Not




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